Nasser Pirasteh is a master of stone, wood and plaster.

His work combines elements of art, philosophy, mythology, and poetry. At age 14 he completed his first public artwork, a 28 foot stone sculpture in Iran. In 1970 he entered St. Cloud University in Minnesota and completed a B.A. and M.F.A. in arts and sculpture. Over the last 47 years he has produced numerous works of public art in Southern California, New York, Minnesota and North Carolina. His installations range from ones that make you laugh, like ‘Symphony of Fun and Fruit”, to remind you to eat well and be jolly, to thought provoking pieces like “Peace” which merge mythological figures of strength and power with symbols of freedom, democracy and respect for all live, to include “Hands of Harmony” that depicts the coming together of peoples to create harmony throughout the world.

Nasser lives in La Jolla, California where he teaches art and works as an artist.


  • Featured artist on Minnesota and national radio and television news programs.
  • “On the Road Again” television feature magazine, with journalist Jason Davis.
  • Featured artist in international arts magazine Persian Arts International.
  • Resident artist for Minnesota Schools, 1988 to 1999.
  • Selected artist for “Beaver Island Park” project 1991


  • 153 Street Sculpture Garden, Clearwater MN – Completed works, works in progress
  • Brian Kleinfelter Park, St. Joseph Minnesota
  • New Tradidtion Gallery, St. Cloud Minnesota
  • Heritage Center Museum, St. Cloud Minnesota – Commissioned St. Cloud Community Arts Council
  • Gray Gallery, St. Cloud Minnesota
  • Jean Stephen Gallery, Conservatorie Building Minneapolis MN
  • North Carolina State College, Boise Creek, NC
  • Mohammed Hadad, Professional Art Collector,, Dallas TX
  • Hossien Hadad, Professional Art Collector, New York, NY and New Jersey
  • National Gardens, Mashad Iran (5 Life-size sculptures)
  • City of Mashad 54 ft. stone sculpture figure


  • Master of Arts, Sculpture, St. Cloud University, St. Cloud MN
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sculpture, St. Cloud University, St. Cloud MN
  • Assistant Professor of Art, 1975 – 1976, St. Cloud University, St. Cloud MN


  • Friends of the Minneapolis institute of Arts
  • Minnesota Arts Council Member
  • Persian International Arts Association
  • St. Cloud University Alumni (arts projects)
  • West Coast Persian-American Cultural Group

Private or group viewing by appointment, acquisitions, commissioned projects, limited additions, sculpture gardens

References available upon request